Friday, January 3, 2014

Mozzarella en Carozza and Potato Croquettes

   Two of my childhood favorites, actually its Italian peasant food, hearty and filling for very little money. Two very easy dishes that go great with a nice homemade soup. The potato croquettes are always made with left over mashed potatoes that are doctored up with seasoning and a little surprise in the middle. The mozzarella en carozza is a cross between grilled cheese and savory french toast. No precise recipes here just methods. For the mozzarella en carozza, translated means mozzarella in a carriage, simply put sliced mozzarella between two slices of preferably italian bread, dredge in flour seasoned with salt and pepper, the coat with beaten eggs also seasoned and shallow fry in equal amounts of olive oil and butter until golden brown and the cheese is all melted and oozing. For the potato croquettes, mix the left over mashed potatoes with anything that is not too moist, left over veggies of any kind, fresh herbs ect., add a beaten egg and enough bread crumbs so they hold together nicely and you can form a patty. Now the fun part, tuck a nice surprise in the center of the patty, my favorite is ham and cheese. At this point I crust the patties in panko bread crumbs and shallow fry once again in oil only until golden and yummy. Well there you have it I hope you try one or the other next time you put a pot of soup on the stove, add a nice salad and your good to go.

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